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JBIG2 is an International Telecommunication Union format that represents a revolutionary breakthrough in captured document technology. Using JBIG2 encoding, a scanned image can be compressed up to 10x smaller than with TIFF G4. This facilitates creating, for the very first time, scanned image documents whose file size is the same as OCR-converted text files. It allows scanned manuals, books, checks images and other document types to be viewed and manipulated efficiently over the Internet, and affords digital copiers/printers efficient network transmission of digitally copied documents.

The power behind JBIG2 technology is its ability to support both lossless and perceptually lossless black and white image compression. CVISION Technologies has been an early leader in turning the latest advancements in image compression into productive, functional implementations for commercial use. CVISION's CVista PdfCompressor software has the ability to encode perceptually lossless images with absolutely no perceptual degradation. CVISION's JBIG2 encoding supports compact multi-page TIFF and PDF file conversion.

The advantage of JBIG2 encoding of your company's documents is that this ITU-approved standard, unlike TIFF G4 and TIFF-based PDF, is font-based and allows for efficient encoding of a fully-searchable text layer. So not only are JBIG2 documents much more compact than TIFF and TIFF-based PDF, they're also much more functional - able to support image-based full-text search with virtually no file size increase. The JBIG2 standard is the result of several years of collaboration among image compression experts from IBM, Xerox, AT&T, Siemens, and others.

The final draft of the International Standard, which has been approved as International Standard IS 14492, can be ordered from http://www.iso.ch/iso/en/CatalogueDetailPage.CatalogueDetail?CSNUMBER=22394 and you can find information on the latest developments of the JBIG2 standard at: http://www.itscj.ipsj.or.jp/sc29/29w42901.htm#JBIG-2. For more information about converting your captured images to JBIG2 or JBIG2-enveloped PDFs and for a free evaluation copy of our software, please visit CVISION Technologies.