JBIG2.com :: An Introduction to JBIG2


"Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine."
- Anonymous

"JBIG2 represents a revolutionary breakthrough in captured document technology. "
- David Tompkins, "Rate Control in Bi-Level Image Coding"

The world of digital media is constantly changing. Even at the home consumer level, digital media hardware and software applications are dated as soon as they're packaged for sale.

That makes any claim of being "a revolutionary breakthrough" suspect in our world. Yet JBIG2 is proving to be just that. This powerful technology allows electronic documents to be compressed into file sizes that offer optimal speed in transmission over business networks, via wireless and e-mail, and on the World Wide Web. In fact, JBIG2 offers a first: the capacity to generate a scanned document whose file size matches the size of its corresponding text file. In the hands of the right digital media vendor, the high-level compression advantages of JBIG2 are being combined seamlessly into a technology that reduces an image 10x to 100x with no loss of accuracy or quality.

CVISION'S JBIG2 Primer brings you an introduction to digital media transmission and JBIG2 itself. In the pages that follow, you'll encounter:

  • A short history of document transmission and storage.
  • A brief introduction to JBIG2, its features and standards.
  • A concise description of JBIG2's advantages in compression technology.
  • Ways to optimize JBIG2 for business.
  • A sampling of business applications that benefit from leading edge JBIG2 applications.

This Primer is meant to help an everyday reader understand some JBIG2 basics, and to provide a compact review on JBIG2 for the seasoned IT professional. It also offers digital media practitioners suggestions for JBIG2 optimization, and some ways to explain compression and JBIG2 to their non-IT colleagues.