JBIG2.com :: An Introduction to JBIG2

Table of Contents

The Business Case for JBIG2 Compression
    Return on Investment
    JBIG2 Compression Success Stories
        From the Legal Industry
        From Homeland Security
        From the Media Monitoring Industry
JBIG2: A Short History
    Paperless document transmission
    Digital file formats: an in-brief review
        The short definition of JBIG2
        JBIG2 and TIFF compared
        JBIG2 and JBIG compared
        Smart Compression Codecs: JBIG2, JPEG2000, and MPEG4
JBIG2: The Compression Connection
    Essential compression issues
        Storage, speed and keeping up with Moore and Parkinson
        How compression happens: a very simple explanation
        JBIG2 and high-level compression
    The JBIG2 standard
        JBIG2 segments
        JBIG2 features
    Lossless, lossy, and perceptually lossless compression
        Lossless Compression
        Lossy Compression
        Perceptually Lossless Compression
    JBIG2 Technical Advantages for Business Solutions
    First Do No Harm
    File Size
    JBIG2-Compressed PDF Documents
    Efficient Encoding
    OCR Support within PDF Format
    PDF Web Optimization
    Scanner Distortions Resolved
    Pattern Matching & Substitution
        The Dangers of PM&S: Proceed with Caution
    Halftoning in JBIG2
    Utilizing a JBIG2 Encoder with No Information Loss
Review & Summary
Annotated Bibliography